Black Friday Sale Rules

We have some crazy deals happening for this years BFCM weekend!! Starting 11/26 at Midnight EST ALL WYSIWYG will be 50% off with code BLACKFRIDAY50. We will also be uploading some new WYSIWYG pieces this weekend!

We will be adding some nonwysiwyg Stock Doorbuster Deals with massive discounts HERE! No Code Needed

The first 10 orders orders that are placed starting 11/26 @ Midnight EST will get a FREE RRC Green Rainbow Splice frag or a FREE 1 head TCK Insane Long Tentacle Indo Gold Torch!!!

Shipping Info:

We will be continuing to use shipping modules for this sale. No Free Shipping. If you already have a module from our 
Anniversary Livesale, any additions will merge with that existing order.

Fedex Priority Overnight Shipping Modules for this sale can be purchased HERE for $35 For out of State, or $21 for NYS and nearby states. No combined shipping with orders outside of this sale unless arranged via email ( No piggyback shipping. No free shipping during the sale event - we use the shipping modules to organize all of the ship outs, without a module we won't know when to ship your order! We only ship to the continental US. At the end of the sale, we will consolidate orders that haven't auto-merged. If no purchases are made, we will refund the module. Local Pickup Modules can be found HERE

Module Instructions:
1. Please pick either In State, Out of State, depending on your location.

2. Once your location / type of module is selected, please choose an ARRIVAL (DELIVERY) date for the box.

3. To add to existing order, please choose the "LIVESALE" shipping method
shipping method.png

4. You must have a module attached to your order for the order to ship out.


We will be entering anyone who places an order in the first hour (ending @ 1am est) for a cart refund up to $500!! We will draw 1
Winner at the end of the sale!